7 Simple Steps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

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IMG_30891. Be specific.  You need clear, concrete, actionable steps that allow you to map progress on a daily basis.

2. Write it down and Review Daily. This way you will know what you are doing that is getting closer (or further away from your goal).

3. Hold yourself accountable. Tell other people/update them on your progress, join or form a like-minded group. You will be more likely to follow through if you spread the word.

4. Ask for help. You may not want to, but if your goal is important to you, and you need help, then you are only doing yourself a favor.

5. Set a deadline. This will help you stay on track. It is also helpful to have mini-deadlines along the way to keep you encouraged and motivated. Plan small rewards for reaching your mini-deadlines.

6. Don’t give up!! If you have an off day, recognize it, understand why, and get back on track. Don’t let one day ruin all the positive work you have done.

7. Focus on the positives.  Rather than giving something up (stop eating junk food/quit smoking), think of what you will gain from sticking to your resolution or reaching your goal (a healthier life/more energy).