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Dining Out

Some restaurants offer added incentives like a free paper to bait solo diners into their establishment. But, reality check: Eating alone really shouldn’t be that big of a deal. “The truth is, we don’t know what others are thinking, and any negative assumptions we hold are coming from our own insecurities,” says Taylor. “Don’t allow others the power to ruin your experience and bring you down. You are in control. Make it positive!” So, order up a big bowl of pasta and a glass of vino and enjoy the moment.

Taylor’s Tips:
1. Not up for sitting in the middle of the room? Park yourself at the bar if it makes it you feel more comfortable.

2. If you really feel the need for some form of entertainment, bring a book to enjoy while having a leisurely meal — especially if it’s a nice day and you can dine outside.

3. Simply enjoy your surroundings and your time to your self. Without the distraction of talk, you will be able to more fully enjoy the sensory experience of your meal — which is not always the case.

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